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Life Style & Weight Management

The Lifestyle and Weight Management Program is designed to provide you with the education, tools and support you need to make lifestyle changes that will result in permanent weight management.

This clinical program addresses all weight management situations.  It is designed for those seeking weight loss, weight gain, dealing with eating disorders, and also for the fitness enthusiast or athlete who desires to enhance their exercise efforts with proper nutrition.

Effective weight management is a lifelong process.  This plan encompasses the important aspects of weight loss: lifestyle, exercise and nutrition.

It is lead by a certified professional consultant and personal trainer who will work with you one-on-one.


Individual sessions will consist of these phased components:

  • Health Assessment and Lifestyle Modification Plan

  •  Personal Exercise Plan

  •  Personal Nutrition Plan

Young Man doing Physical Exercise

Health Assessment and Lifestyle Modification - You will begin your program with a health   assessment, body composition test, and interview phase to analyze your current lifestyle. Your consultant will provide lifestyle coaching to create a disciplined mental approach to a healthy life.  This training includes a strong emphasis on goal setting, time management, confidence issues, and stress management.

Personal Exercise Program - Your consultant will design a personal exercise plan customized to fit your needs, while providing the motivation and training you need to help you meet your goals. This plan includes:

  •  Cardiovascular / Resistance Training - You will learn various exercise techniques and your workouts will be periodically modified based on your progress and interests.

  •  Target Heart Rate Training

  •  Flexibility Training

Personal Nutrition Plan - A personal nutrition plan will be designed for you.  This program does not require the purchase of any special pre-packaged foods.  You will learn to make healthy food choices. During these individualized sessions, you will be educated on various topics including:

  • Meal Planning

  •  Healthy Food Shopping Skills

  • Caloric Requirements

  • Energy Budgets

Healthy Breakfast

The  Lifestyle & Weight Management Program is a process of learning the benefits of life-long wellness through enjoyable, healthy habits.  Education is an integral part of preventative health, wellness and the art of living in balance.

It is our mission to provide you with professional guidance
to assist you in experiencing an optimum quality of life!

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