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Managing Holiday Stress

A Stress-free Holiday Wellness Plan for Your Healthy Lifestyle

Although the holiday season heralds excitement and celebration, it can also bring increased stress into your life. Are you finding the COVID situation and making decisions for family outings, work parties, shopping trips, travel plans and other holiday responsibilities consuming you? Be aware that if you let it, these tasks can all take priority over stress management, healthy eating, exercise, and maintaining your healthy lifestyle. This year, commit to a holiday wellness plan to reduce stress and keep you healthy while also motivated throughout the holiday season.

Create a holiday wellness plan with efforts to combat the negative impact of holiday stress on your body. This can be achieved by improving your tolerance of stress and your ability to handle stressful situations. Remember that the effect of stress on your body is cumulative throughout the day, the season, and throughout your life. Manage stress early, taking a preventive approach. You can repeatedly reduce stress by little amounts, so the additive effect is less. Find techniques to manage your stress levels by allocating time for yourself. Spend some quality time with your children, family, or a special friend. Enjoy a favorite hobby, a yoga workout, or experience a relaxing bath.

A successful technique to consider is the COPE strategy. Control only what you can. Be Open with friends and family and talk about issues. Pace yourself, and be careful not to overbook yourself. Remember to keep your perspectives in check. Are your worst worries even at all probable, or are you simply in a habit of projecting negative scenarios? And finally, EXERCISE! Exercise is very important in managing stress, boosting immunity and keeping you healthy throughout this pandemic and winter cold and flu season.

Enjoy a healthy, stress-free holiday season!

If you have questions on how to maintain a holiday wellness plan for your healthy lifestyle, contact me at the Marysville Health & Fitness, 562-2424.


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