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Enjoy Sustainable Weight Management

March is National Nutrition Month- celebrate by evaluating your current eating habits. Whether you’re following a diet, are considering one, or have forever sworn against them, it’s important to know the concepts and real-life practices that are responsible for making most nutrition plans and diets work, when they do. If you want to enjoy a healthy, sustainable weight without enduring the rigors of endless diet hopping, start right here – with the fundamentals…

- Eat a healthy “balanced diet”. Be aware that some diets encourage unbalanced eating by promoting over-consumption of certain foods and declaring other foods off-limits. Eat a balanced diet with representation from all food groups.

- Eat when you need energy. Recent research is showing that when we eat, is just as important as what we eat. It is essential to coordinate energy intake with energy expenditure. Calories are put to their best possible use when they’re consumed at times that there is a strong demand for them in the body.

- Monitor and watch what you eat. One of the most fundamental aspects of any diet is the act of monitoring what you eat. For many, just having that consciousness, (as opposed to eating mindlessly), is an effective tool for reducing caloric intake.

“Diets” often tend to revolve around what you have to live without. It doesn’t always have to be that way. This is an ideal time to take stock of what you’re giving your body to live on! Get organized. Consider your own eating habits. Do a little analysis. Once you figure out where you are lacking in healthy-eating efforts, you’ll know precisely how to get back on track again. And then, of course, you’ll be able to successfully stay there for the long haul.

If you have questions or need assistance on how to establish and maintain a healthy, sustainable weight, contact me at Marysville Health & Fitness, 562-2424.


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