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Yoga / Pilates

Marysville Health & Fitness yoga and pilates programs provide a complete workout in a relaxing and invigorating class setting.  These classes will increase your flexibility, improve your strength, endurance, cardiovascular fitness, and balance while working out among fellow yoga and pilates enthusiasts. Our classes are led by a highly qualified, nationally certified master instructor.  
The wide selection of classes are appropriate for all fitness levels.

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Individual Yoga / Pilates one on one training available!  Call for details 562-2424.

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Yoga / Pilates– Level 1

Yoga Session

Enjoy a challenging, yet relaxing workout composed of various poses to strengthen and tone your muscles while improving flexibility and balance.  Restore balance to your body and mind, while improving your health and reducing stress!  A beginning level class that is moderately paced and focuses on learning correct form of basic poses and breathing techniques needed to establish a solid practice.

"Yoga for STRENGTH"

Online Yoga

Improve your strength and endurance with YOGA!  Enjoy this lunch time workout as a great break in your workday.  Appropriate for beginner or intermediate students.  Increased strength, stamina and flexibility will be experienced.

Gentle Yoga

Free Yoga

Enjoy a relaxing workout to restore balance to your body and mind, while improving your health.  For those with specific health concerns or just desiring a gentle yoga workout!  The poses are modified for your individual situation and can be performed seated in a chair, standing, or in mat position.

Youth Yoga

Children in Yoga Class

This will be a FUN, co-ed youth specific class for kids.  In addition to the many benefits for all ages, yoga helps improve flexibility, posture, self-confidence, concentration, and body awareness for kids.  It teaches them to focus, slow down and breathe more deeply.

"Teen Scene" Yoga

Yoga Class

(Specialty Class) 

-See Schedule Below

Classes and Schedules 

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