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Plank of Weights

PERSONAL TRAINING programs can be customized to your individual goals. It can be a program using our state of the art equipment at our facility or designed to compliment your gym workout with a home program as well.  INDIVIDUAL YOGA or Pilates programs can be designed for you as well! Experience the many benefits of Yoga & Pilates as you enhance your many other workout efforts.

Virtual Fitness Classes

Online Workout

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Special Fitness Events


MHF offers special seasonal events throughout the year. Outdoor Yoga classes in local venues and parks to experience the beautiful weather, or to simply enjoy exercise with the sunrise and sunset of the day. An annual Spring, Fall, and 4th of July Walk/Run/Bike are hosted at the Blue River Rail Trail and Alcove Spring Historic Park. 

Winter events organized spontaneously based on the rapid Kansas weather changes that include runs, power walks, hiking and even fat tire biking. We often offer snow shoe and cross country ski outings as well! Join our email list to get announcements of these special seasonal fitness events!    

Aqua Exercise

Aerobic Class in Pool

Experience a fabulous take off from our great land-based workouts utilizing resistance principles of the WATER! Interval training and circuit formats are utilized while using a wide variety of aquatic training tools.  This is a great way to burn fat, build lean body mass, while improving your flexibility, strength, coordination, and cardiovascular endurance in a very safe, low impact setting! Our aqua programs take place off site at one of 3 local pools. These workouts are available in full class, small group, or one-on-one. Contact us today for current schedule!

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