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Group Exercise Classes

Marysville Health & Fitness group exercise programs give you a complete workout
in a fun and invigorating class setting.  We offer classes that combine
cardiovascular training with strength training, stretching and sports-driven functionality.
Not only do you get to workout alongside friends, our classes are led by highly qualified,
nationally certified instructors.  Our wide selection of group workouts fit
every experience and fitness level.

Join our 100 Class Club!
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Stability Ball Training - "Beyond the Basics"

Workout with Fit Ball

A muscle conditioning class for the entire body while emphasizing core strength.  Learn the benefits and general guidelines of stability ball training.  You'll experience balance and resistance challenges.  The workout concludes with stretching and flexibility training on the ball.
(Specialty Class)

Absolutely Abs

Fitness Class

20 minutes of abdominal work and lower back strengthening.
Available to members and aerobics participants free of charge.

Interval Training / Cardio Kickboxing


Add variety to your strength training routine while improving your cardio fitness and boosting your metabolism all at the same time!  This workout consists of 1-2 minutes of muscle conditioning followed by 4-6 minutes of cardio activity.  A heart pumping, tension releasing workout as you kick, punch, jab & weave at a low impact, ultra-intense pace.  This full body workout emphasizes lower body balance, upper body and core strength while you burn maximum calories and add definition to your legs, arms and abs!

Body Sculpting

Outdoor Workout

Define, sculpt and develop tone and strength in all muscle groups using weights, tubing, and balls.  Boost your metabolism by increasing your lean body mass!  Makes a great addition to your cardio workout, for all ability levels!

TNT - "The Noon Hour Toner"

Gym Equipment

A great way to combine your weights and cardio into one time efficient workout.  Guaranteed to get your heart rate up and back to work by 1:00 pm.  A variety of strength training workouts ensures that you and your muscles will not get bored!

Stretch & Flex - Senior Fitness

Senior Therapy

Designed with the older adult in mind.  This class features a warm up, stretching, light Cybex and free weights plus more stretching in a fun social class.  Helps with flexibility, balance, coordination, strength and retention of bone density.  All these benefits plus an uplifting start to your day!

(Tues. & Thurs. 9:30-10:30 am) Members-FREE!

WOW - "Women On Weights"

Lifting Weights

A great way to begin your weekend!  This workout will combine your resistance training needs of weights while addressing cardio needs as well, in one time efficient group workout.  WOW is a circuit format class performed on Cybex and free weight equipment.  The class is designed for the needs of women featuring a variety of workouts that will keep you motivated!
(Specialty Class)

"Fit Beginnings" - Pre/Post Natal Exercise

Pregnant Woman Working Out

Delve into this exercise option for "MOM".  Designed for women expecting a child and/or recovering from childbirth.  This workout follows current ACOG guidelines ensuring a very safe and effective exercise program!  You'll improve endurance, posture, circulation, and muscle tone.  Enjoy an opportunity to exercise while swapping baby stories as you get a great stress-relieving workout-all at the same time!  Baby is welcome too!
(Specialty Class)

Group Cycling

Group of Mountain Bikers

Ride along with fellow cycling enthusiasts. Enjoy the great outdoors and fresh air while exercising with others adding variety to your workouts.  Rides usually last approximately 60-90 minutes.
(Specialty Class)

Kids Fitness

Kids Running

“FIT KIDS” class is a youth fitness and health program that meets three times per week. It encompasses cardiovascular exercise, weight training and a nutrition program. The participant will learn basic fundamentals, proper technique, youth nutrition, healthy food choices, warm-ups, stretching and flexibility training. Contact us for current schedule!

Class Schedules 

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