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Balancing Your Many Roles

Chances are, work-life balance has been on your list of goals at one point or another. For many, it never actually leaves your list! While there’s no magic formula to guarantee you’ll achieve balance, let’s discuss a few ideas that can help you on that journey.

Balancing your many roles in life is a lot like learning yoga. If you’ve ever attempted yoga, learning the art of balance is essential for success, but very challenging as well! Transitioning from one pose to the next, stretching muscles and increasing blood flow, requires not just physical balance, but a mental and emotional balance as well. The effort is well worth the sense of peace and renewed energy you feel when you finish a session.

This lesson is also experienced in daily life. We must work toward balance in order to live a meaningful and joyful life. Balance is so important. Balance in our lives doesn’t always mean that we’re spending equal amounts of time doing things. Some days we may end up spending an entire day being a spouse, a parent, or a friend, or an employee. And depending on the season of life we’re in, we may spend long periods of time focusing on some responsibilities, knowing we’ll have time to devote to other priorities later.

Once you’ve achieved balance, there’s no guarantee, of course, that you’ll maintain it. Even after years of yoga, you will still find yourself toppling over once in a while; maintaining that balance between physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs is definitely an ongoing process!

Creating a balanced lifestyle simply means that we’re aware of what we’re doing and where we’re spending our time. We must consistently evaluate where our time and efforts are best spent. It’s definitely not easy, but just as in yoga, the sense of peace and accomplishment we feel as we strive to find that balance is certainly worth all the effort!

If you have questions or need assistance on how to achieve balance in your many roles in your life, please contact me at Marysville Health & Fitness, 562-2424.


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